Every decision we make is for our members. We want you to get a great workout and build a strong community.
We are dedicated to creating great athletes. We promise to provide you with the best programming possible.
Safety is our #1 priority. Our coaches have the proper training and will make sure you are performing all exercises safely.


At CrossFit Traverse we train athletes, professionals, expectant mothers and every day regular people. We are a goal-oriented fitness facility. We strive to break away from the current, flawed fitness model that is so prevalent. At CrossFit Traverse, you won’t find any fancy equipment, mirrors or a juice bar. What you will find are the tools necessary to exceed all your personal fitness goals: barbells, dumbbells, rowers, kettle bells, rings, pull-up bars, and other basic and old fashioned equipment. Of course, the greatest key to your success is you.

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